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Our technician specialists arrive with fully equipped trucks to exceed your expectations by maximizing the use of traditional and the latest technology to solve your problems, with fast and courteous customer service, for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

All County Rooter LLC


Cleaning all drains such as kitchen sinks, lavatories, bath tubs, showers, septic tank lines, drain field lines, floor drains, sewage pumps, alarms, floats and Storm drains.if it has a drain we clean it.

All County Rooter LLC


Nothing ruins a good day like an overflow or a clogged sink. Don't let your business be out of a day's worth of business with a simple problem. We provide services to keep things flowing freely.

All County Rooter LLC


we have the ability to clean those long lines commonly found in warehouses,log yards, industrial plants,etc. guided with the video inspection we can make sure the problem is resolved or diagnosed all in one trip.

Our Services

Camera Inspecting Locating

Using cutting edge technology to inspect pipelines. We can pinpoint the location of the blockage, pipe location and depth. Determine the source of the problem and recommend how to repair. we suggest a video inspection before the purchase of any new home. dont get cought with those costly repairs commonly found after the purchase.

Hydro Jetting

An advanced efficient safe way of cleaning sewer lines, grease, sludge, roots, scale, and other debris causing blockages, without further damage to the pipe that can often occur with traditional cabling.